New Year Lesson Ideas

If, like me, the ‘new term fear’ is slowly but surely setting in, but you haven’t quite managed to look at termlies or fortnightlies JUST yet; here are some nice lesson ideas based on the New Year.

Firework Art

firework art

I’m not sure what it is about the Print strand unit, but it always seems to be an area I lack inspiration. This simple art lesson allows children to experiment with colour to create a beautiful and effective firework display.


Similarly, this cityscape lesson available here is a nice one to experiment with chalk or oil pastels.


There’s no better time to introduce mindfulness to your classroom. Having tried it with my class since September, I can see a huge difference in the children’s concentration levels and attention since the beginning of the year.

GoNoodle have some great videos to introduce meditation and mindfulness to your class.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.18.37 PM.png


BFG Display

Why not adapt this BFG display with ‘Our Dreams for the New Year’. Great way to integrate an art lesson on marbling or watercolours too!




Sticking with the dreams theme, this Dreamcatchers art lesson available here is a beautiful idea for older classes!



A Letter to my Future Self

For a nice creative writing idea, why not ask pupils to write a letter to their future selves perhaps outlining the goals they’d like to achieve or work on. To make it more exciting, lock them away and resolve to open them in either June or next January. Twinkl have a lovely template here.




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