Engineers’ Week Lesson Ideas

Colouring Sheets and Posters

If you’re planning lessons for Engineers’ Week 2018, the primary school challenge pack is your first port of call. It has lots of great lesson and activity ideas for all levels.

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Egg Drop Challenge

Challenge your pupils to create a structure that will safely house a raw egg as its dropped to the ground. Materials can include lollipop sticks, straws, string and sellotape!


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Photo: Twitter @MissFordesClass


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Balloon Challenge

This one requires a strong set of lungs and a lot of balloons! Challenge students to create a free standing structure using balloons and tape. The tallest structure wins!

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Boat Building Challenge

This one is a nice one for all age levels! Pupils must create a boat using a range of materials and the boat which can hold the most weights without sinking wins!

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Source: Twitter @CloughfinNS


Engineers’ Week Pack

Finally, Twinkl has offered this great pack which contains pictures, challenges, banners and certificates – making life a whole lot easier!

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Twinkl’s Book Club

One of Twinkl’s newest offerings is their ‘Book Club’ – a book subscription service of original fiction books. Subscribers receive a hard copy of a Twinkl Original book twice each term which is theirs to keep. There is a huge amount of resources and ideas to support each book – making your life easier!

I was asked to review Twinkl’s Book Club and as I have Fourth Class, I chose to review ‘Our Teachers are Superheroes’. What’s great about the books is that they’re designed for a specific time of year, meaning teachers can integrate them as part of their overarching theme: Dragons in the City links with the Chinese New Year, Brenda’s Boring Egg links with Spring and Ten Little Lights integrates nicely with a unit on Winter.

I used Our Teachers are Superheroes as part of a guided reading lesson during literacy stations. These titles are ideal for use in literacy stations, simply because of the amount of resources available to support them. I was pleasantly surprised at how appealing the stories are – the illustrations, storyline, characters and content really are excellent. I remained at Station 1 and we read the story on iPads.


Oral language is an area I’m trying to improve on in my own classroom, so the supporting discussion cards were one of my favourite resources. The children at Station 2 were given a discussion card and discussed each topic in pairs before reporting back with their opinions to the rest of the class.

Station 3 was a grammar station where children had to punctuate text based on the story. What I love about Twinkl is that the worksheets are differentiated by ability so there’s a task to challenge each pupil.

Finally, Station 4 completed this nice crossword activity based on the story. I used this comprehension pack to source homework for the week based on the story which certainly made my life easier.


The resources don’t end there! There are options to integrate with PE, maths, art and drama.

At the moment, the books are primarily aimed at the junior end of the school. However, I’ve been assured that there are a number of titles for senior classes in the works! If you’re interested in adding Twinkl Book Club to your existing subscription, it’ll cost you just under €3 extra a month.



New Year Lesson Ideas

If, like me, the ‘new term fear’ is slowly but surely setting in, but you haven’t quite managed to look at termlies or fortnightlies JUST yet; here are some nice lesson ideas based on the New Year.

Firework Art

firework art

I’m not sure what it is about the Print strand unit, but it always seems to be an area I lack inspiration. This simple art lesson allows children to experiment with colour to create a beautiful and effective firework display.


Similarly, this cityscape lesson available here is a nice one to experiment with chalk or oil pastels.


There’s no better time to introduce mindfulness to your classroom. Having tried it with my class since September, I can see a huge difference in the children’s concentration levels and attention since the beginning of the year.

GoNoodle have some great videos to introduce meditation and mindfulness to your class.

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BFG Display

Why not adapt this BFG display with ‘Our Dreams for the New Year’. Great way to integrate an art lesson on marbling or watercolours too!




Sticking with the dreams theme, this Dreamcatchers art lesson available here is a beautiful idea for older classes!



A Letter to my Future Self

For a nice creative writing idea, why not ask pupils to write a letter to their future selves perhaps outlining the goals they’d like to achieve or work on. To make it more exciting, lock them away and resolve to open them in either June or next January. Twinkl have a lovely template here.



Twinkl’s Christmas Offerings

Maths Mosaics

Between all the comings and goings, it’s great to have an activity to keep children focused and on task when the days themselves can be quite disruptive. My class really love these maths mosaics, where they have to figure out the answers to the sums to create a Christmas picture. Great for tables reinforcement AND they’re available for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! They’re differentiated too!


Christmas Puzzle Booklet

A really nice resource for winding down on the last few days of school – this Christmas Puzzle Booklet is great for older classes. Really reminds me of the puzzles and brain teasers in the Christmas annuals.



Design a Christmas Jumper Pack

Great for fine motor development in infant classes – this pack contains a jumper template and Christmas characters for children to design their own Christmas jumper. I made it into a competition with my 2nd Class and they turned out brilliant!



Léigh agus Tarraing – Crann Nollag

This is a great one for 2nd-6th Class. Children have to read the instructions and decorate the Christmas tree.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 20.56.04

Christmas Writing Activity Pack

Finally, one of my favourite resources I’ve come across on Twinkl. There are some lovely writing prompts including a newspaper report to complete based on ‘When Santa got stuck in the Chimney’.


Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 20.59.45


*All thoughts and opinions in this blog post are my own. However I have been gifted a free subscription in return for this post.*



First Penance Art and Display Ideas

As First Penance approaches for Second Class teachers, here are some art and display ideas that might be of use!

Art ideas:

Using the story of The Good Shepherd, here are some simple but effective sheep-related art ideas.

I love these simple sheep made by paper quilling! It will however depend on the ability of your class.


First Penance Displays: